Fumitaka Nishiyama

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Ni(2+) toxicity can be alleviated in yeast cells by exogenous L-histidine, but not by its enantiomer, D-histidine, nor by other natural L-amino acids tested. We studied the effect of L-histidine upon the accumulation and intracellular distribution of Ni(2+) and found that moderate L-histidine concentrations (less than or equal to those of Ni(2+)) increased(More)
Air sampling in health care facilities, especially in specialcare areas such as neonatal intensiv? care units (NICUs), should be done on a periodic basis ln Order to determine indoor air quality, efficacy of dust control measures, or airhandling system performance. (The draft guideline is available with the full text of this article at http://www.cdc.gov/(More)
Fallout from the reactor accident at Chernobyl has been surveyed at Hiroshima. gamma-rays from samples of aerosol, rain water and tap water were measured using low-background gamma-ray spectrometers and concentrations of activities were followed. Almost all of the nuclides detected in Europe were observed in Hiroshima. In addition to dominant volatile(More)
In most previous 50/60-Hz experiments, subjects were placed in a dielectric cage and the electric field was applied from outside the cage. Although the field outside the cage was kept uniform in space and constant in time, the field inside the cage undergoes undesirable temporal and spatial variations. We have designed an electric-field exposure system that(More)
Asymmetric electronic structures within a single molecule have been investigated by scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy. Inside of a phenyl-linked porphyrin dimer, the asymmetric electronic structures are achieved by the incorporation of a cobalt ion in one porphyrin moiety. We find that a p-n junction between two π-conjugated segments is formed(More)
Conformational variations of a 10 nm long oligothiophene wire comprising 24 thiophene rings on Au(111), which are related to the various straight and bent shapes of the long wires, have been directly visualized by scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). The local bending angles within the wire are well characterized as s-cis/s-trans configurations of(More)
The temporal variation of a static electric field inside an animal cage was investigated with a newly developed small, simple field meter. The field inside the cage was found to be highly dependent on the surface conductivity of the dielectric material. As the surface of the cage became dirty because of animal occupancy, the static electric field inside it(More)
Mobilities of 16 anions of rare-earth-EDTA 1:1 chelate (RE-EDTAs) were isotachophoretically measured by using two leading electrolytes (pH 3.6 and 6.0) in order to assess their separation behavior. The leading electrolyte was 20 mM hydrochloric acid. The pH of the solution was adjusted to 3.6 by adding beta-alanine and to 6.0 by adding histidine. The(More)
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