Fumitaka Hashikawa

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This study aimed to identify a specific human with the accurate position measurements by integrating the networked laser range finders in the intelligent space and an wearable acceleration sensor with the human. A human identification method based on associating detections of walking behaviors from both sensors is proposed. Parameter optimization was also(More)
Several methods of SLAM have been proposed. One of them is called Fast-SLAM based on Particle Filter. Especially, on the map construction based on a grid map is one of methods to improve accuracy of SLAM. However, those methods use only sensing data from the mobile robot to achieve SLAM. In this study, a new method of SLAM, which uses laser range sensors(More)
An intelligent space is constructed with various types of distributed sensors including networked laser range sensors. Geometrical position estimation of distributed sensors under an unified world coordinate system is required for construction of the intelligent space. When many sensors are distributed in wide area, it generally becomes complicated tasks to(More)
An intelligent space is a space constructed with many networked sensors. Humans and robots in the space are extracted and tracked cooperatively by the networked sensors. The intelligent space can achieve position-based supports to humans and robots according to integration of networked sensors. Generally, the networked sensors are distributed and fixed on(More)
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