Fumio Yoshimasu

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The Onufrowicz (Onuf's) nuclei from eight amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) cases and nine neurological control cases were studied histologically and morphometrically. To clarify the factors relating to the involvement of the Onuf's nucleus in ALS, we correlated the relationships among the age at death, clinical duration, morphometric findings for Onuf's(More)
Iron as well as aluminum is reported to accumulate in neurons with neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs) of Alzheimer's disease (AD) brain. Previously we demonstrated that aluminum (III) shows phosphate-dependent binding with hyperphosphorylated tau (PHFtau), the major constituent of NFTs, thereby inducing aggregation of PHFtau. Herein we report that iron (III)(More)
A power spectral analysis was performed on occipital EEGs recorded from 36 Down Syndrome (DS) subjects aged 15 to 54 and compared with two control groups; 47 healthy volunteers (Control) and 42 mentally retarded people without DS (MR). The frequencies of occipital alpha rhythms of DS showed a significant inverse correlation with chronological age, while(More)
To determine whether an association exists between Alzheimer's disease (AD) and thyroid disease, we carried out two studies in the population of Rochester, Minnesota. We reviewed medical records of a cohort of 198 women with histologically confirmed Hashimoto's thyroiditis (1935 to 1974) for evidence of subsequent dementia, applying the criteria used for(More)
Metal analysis of calcium, manganese, aluminum and copper in CNS tissue samples of degenerative CNS disease cases (six Japanese ALS, three Japanese Alzheimer disease, four Guam PD, one Guam ALS) using neutron activation analysis, was conducted with following results: Five of six Japanese ALS cases, two of three Japanese Alzheimer disease cases and all of(More)
Onuf's nucleus of 3 ALS cases was examined histologically, morphometrically and for metal content. Case 1 showed conglomerate inclusions (CIs), cases 2 and 3 showed Bunina bodies in Onuf's nucleus. Electron microscopy showed that CIs were intracytoplasmic accumulations of 10 nm neurofilaments with discrete borders. Onuf's neurons in ALS showed a significant(More)
In the present study, we investigated the neurological mechanism of commonly known specific or unnatural postures in schizophrenic patients. Using a gravimeter, body sway studied in 26 chronic schizophrenic patients, 10 schizoaffective disorder patients and 21 normal subjects. During eye fixation at a target while keeping an upright posture, schizophrenic(More)
Interaction of trace metal metabolism was studied in a patient with Wilson's dease. Atomic absorption analysis showed markedly increased urinary excretion of copper and aluminum and an increased aluminum content was found in the biopsied liver by neutron activation analysis. These findings suggest a complicated pathogenetic mechanism involving other metals(More)
We studied the prevalence of dementing disorders in a rural municipality of Japan (Hanazono-mura), using a door-to-door two-phase design. In phase 1, the Hasegawa's Dementia Scale-Revised was applied as a screening test to all subjects aged 65 years and older (n = 201). Among subjects screened positive, 17 were diagnosed with dementia in phase 2. The(More)