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OBJECTIVES We sought to demonstrate the mode of spontaneous onset of ventricular fibrillation (VF) in patients with Brugada syndrome. BACKGROUND The electrophysiologic mechanisms of VF in Brugada syndrome have not been fully investigated. METHODS Nineteen patients (all male, mean age 47 +/- 12 years) with Brugada syndrome were treated with an(More)
We recently demonstrated that ischemic preconditioning (PC) induced by cyclic episodes of short duration of ischemia and reperfusion potentiates a signal transduction cascade involving Janus kinase (JAK) 2 and signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3). A rapid activation of JAK and several STATs, including STAT3, STAT5A, and STAT6 also(More)
Between November 1987 and January 1990, 33 patients (tricuspid atresia, 9 patients; mitral atresia, 3; single ventricle, 15; others, 6) underwent Fontan operations. The rate of blood flow returning to the heart during aortic cross-clamping was measured as an indication of the extent of development of aortopulmonary collateral arteries. Percent cardiac(More)
Postoperative conditions after a Fontan-type operation, particularly as they affect results in the early term, are thought to depend on factors such as the state of pulmonary circulation and ventricular function. In this study, we attempted to determine the factors that influence ventricular characteristics in the middle term after Fontan-type procedures.(More)
Six patients with hepatic laceration underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at 0.5T. Acute hepatic laceration was slightly hypointense on T1-weighted spin-echo (SE) image, and hyperintense on T2- and proton-weighted SE images. Subacute laceration was heterogeneously intense on T1-weighted image and hyperintense on T2- and proton-weighted images.(More)
BACKGROUND Stereotactic radiation therapy is highly effective in the treatment of small brain metastases, regardless of the histology. This suggests that small extracranial malignancies may be curable with similar radiation therapy. The authors developed a novel treatment unit for administering such therapy. METHODS The unit consisted of a linear(More)
There are no obvious criteria concerning the optimal repair for complete transposition with bicuspid pulmonary valve if neither the organic changes in the valve nor the pressure gradient between the left ventricle and the pulmonary trunk are severe. Instead of intraatrial switching or intraventricular rerouting in such circumstances, we have proceeded to(More)
To investigate lung injury in adult open heart operations during extracorporeal circulation, we measured plasma chemiluminescence levels. Nineteen patients were divided into two groups depending on preoperative pulmonary artery pressure: a pulmonary hypertension group (n = 11) and a control group (n = 8). Plasma samples were taken simultaneously from(More)
Preischemic adrenergic stimulation may affect postischemic cardiac function. Using an isolated working heart model, we investigated the effects of preischemic catecholamine treatment on postischemic recovery. Hearts from Wistar rats were perfused in working mode for 20 min, in Langendorff mode for 15 min, and again in working mode for 20 min (W2). Hearts(More)
The utility of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the diagnosis of acute cholecystitis was evaluated in 72 consecutive individuals (5 healthy, 13 with chronic cholecystitis and silent gallbladder stones, 43 without biliary or diffuse liver disease, and 11 with acute cholecystitis and gallbladder stones) with a 0.5-T superconducting unit. On the T1-weighted(More)