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In Japanese pear, the application of GA3+4 during the period of rapid fruit growth resulted in a marked increase in pedicel diameter and bigger fruit at harvest. To elucidate the relationship between pedicel capacity and fruit growth and to determine the main factor responsible for larger fruit size at harvest, fruit growth and pedicel vascularization after(More)
The flower bud transcriptome in the less dormant Taiwanese pear 'Hengshanli' and high-chilling requiring Japanese pear strain TH3 subjected to the same chilling exposure time were analyzed during winter using next-generation sequencing. In buds sampled on January 10th and on February 7th in 2014, 6,978 and 7,096 genes, respectively, were significantly(More)
To better understand the molecular mechanisms related to growth promotion in the early developmental stages of Eustoma grandiflorum (Raf.) Shinn. under end-of-day far-red light (EOD-FR) treatment, we analyzed the leaf transcriptome of treated (EOD) and untreated plants (Cont) by using RNA-seq technology. EOD-FR treatment for only about 2 weeks in regions(More)
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