Fumio Okuyama

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Studies on measuring accommodation and vergence responses of human vision are important to evaluate three-dimensional (3D) display technologies. Electro-holography is expected to be an ideal 3D display. However, there has been little research on measuring responses to it. In this study, the static responses to electro-holographic images with a large visual(More)
A new technical approach to breast-tumor detection is proposed. The technique is based on fluorescence x-ray analysis, and can identify a miniature malignant tumor within the breast. The primary beam intensity needed in fluorescence x-ray analysis is on a lower order of magnitude than that used in mammography. Thus, the newly-proposed technique would enable(More)
d m L E T c t m c T R t i m m e s t a t e c a 1 t C u i b i r w u [ m f b g Auto A G 1577 K y In the field of retina and i diagnosis of measurement Limiting Me Epithelium (R Tomography (conventional techniques and most cases of n cannot be app This paper pro RPE using two-dimension images to imp method, retina morphologica extract RPE structure of th the(More)
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