Fumio Okuyama

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The effects of the accommodative stimulus and age on the accommodative microfluctuations were investigated in human subjects. Accommodative responses were measured by using an infrared (IR) optometer, and accommodative microfluctuations were quantified by power spectrum analysis. Two frequency bands were determined: low frequency components (< 0.5 Hz, LFC)(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether the temporal frequency characteristics of the visual system as determined by visually evoked potentials (VEP) can be used for a preoperative estimation of the visual function in eyes with cataracts. METHODS Light stimuli driven by a pseudorandom binary sequence (PRBS) of 40950 ms duration were presented and EEG recordings were(More)
The time varying properties have been investigated of respiratory components in fluctuations of the pupil diameter (PDF) of the human eye. PDF and instantaneous lung volume were simultaneously measured for 45 minutes under natural binocular viewing conditions. The short-term Fourier transform and the autoregressive signal modeling together with the(More)
  • Mohd Fadzil, Abdul Kadir, Ai Yamakawa, Dai Kodama, Shinji Tsuruoka, Hiroharu Kawanaka +4 others
  • 2015
hh tt tt Abstract— Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) image is very useful to the diagnosis and the follow up evaluation of the response to treatment using either medication or surgery, and it is an emerging medical imaging technology for performing high resolution cross-sectional images. In ophthalmology, this technology can provide 3D images of retinal(More)
  • Mohd Fadzil, Abdul Kadir, Abd Rasid Mamat, Azrul Amri Jamal, Shinji Tsuruoka, Haruhiko Takase +3 others
  • 2015
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) has emerged as a new technology that enables high-resolution cross-sectional images of the retina for identifying, and quantitatively assessing of the retina disease. Quantitative information of retina is needed for tracking progression of ocular disease and evaluatesthe efficacy of treatment. In this paper, we propose a(More)
d m L E T c t m c T R t i m m e s t a t e c a 1 t C u i b i r w u [ m f b g Auto A G 1577 K y In the field of retina and i diagnosis of measurement Limiting Me Epithelium (R Tomography (conventional techniques and most cases of n cannot be app This paper pro RPE using two-dimension images to imp method, retina morphologica extract RPE structure of th the(More)