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Microbial characterization of composting is of importance for the optimization of the process and the quality of the end product. The aim of this work was to follow microbial biomass C and N dynamics during the composting process of urban solid waste. Microbial biomass C (B(C)) ranged from 4.06 to 1 microg kg(-1) of dry compost from day 5 to day 62 and(More)
A bioreactor cascade with a submerged biofilm is proposed to treat young landfill leachate of jbel chakir landfill site south west from capital Tunis, Tunisia. The prototype was run under different organic loading charges varying from 0.6 to 16.3 kg TOC m(-3)day(-1). Without initial pH adjustment total organic carbon (TOC) removal rate varied between 65%(More)
The main objective of this investigation was to identify a collection of actinomycetes isolates and to study the influence of amendment [municipal solid waste compost (MSWC) and farmyard manure (FM)] on their distribution in agricultural soil. For this purpose, a phenotypic and molecular characterization of 226 isolates collected from soil (with and without(More)
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