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We propose a novel design for multi-wavelength arrays of vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) using high-contrast gratings (HCGs) as top mirrors. A range of VCSEL cavity wavelengths in excess of 100 nm is predicted by modifying only the period and duty-cycle of the high-contrast gratings, while leaving the epitaxial layer thickness unchanged.(More)
A hollow optical waveguide is proposed in which light can be confined in an air gap between a distributed Bragg reflecting (DBR) mirror and a high-index-contrast grating (HCG) mirror. Because of the combined effect of vertical (DBR) and lateral (HCG) periodicity, the proposed hollow waveguide shows a small modal birefringence on the order of 10 À4. In(More)
We propose a novel hollow-core slow light waveguide using high contrast grating (HCG). Light propagates in air along a path bounded by two HCG layers. A strong interaction between the light and the HCG leads to a large group index, and thus the slow light effect. Waveguide loss and group index can be optimized separately by tuning the HCG and waveguide(More)
—A tunable bandpass filter is constructed using pat-terned mirrors and a diffraction grating to serve as an optical equalizer. The frequency response of an intensity-modulated light source can be tailored by the passband profile of the equalizer to achieve a larger 3-dB bandwidth. We demonstrate that the 3-dB bandwidth of two LiNO 3 modulators is increased(More)
A novel 8x8 optical phased array based on high-contrast grating (HCG) all-pass filters (APFs) is experimentally demonstrated with high speed beam steering. Highly efficient phase tuning is achieved by micro-electro-mechanical actuation of the HCG to tune the cavity length of the APFs. Using APF phase-shifters allows a large phase shift with an actuation(More)
Valley Marriott on the southern Californian coast. This is of course a special year for the Semiconductor Laser – a device that was first demonstrated half a century ago; and this has been marked by a number of excellent events this year looking back over that history. ISLC has a track record and a tradition as the leading international conference on(More)