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There are currently many services available on the Internet including map search sites such as Yahoo! Map, and video search sites such as YouTube. However, there is a limit to the information that can be obtained from each of these services. For example, on map search sites you can find the location of an establishment on a map, however, you cannot obtain(More)
A number of universities currently utilize VOD in e-Learning systems, a form of blended learning that combines WBT (Web-Based Training) with classroom instruction. Many universities also offer e-Learning lectures, which offer slides and lecture video with VOD. However, because lectures that use standard VOD focus on letting students take the lecture, most(More)
Identifying of word difficulty is useful to teachers and language learners. However, since the word difficulty has not been evaluated in all dictionary entry words, to estimate the word difficulty of documents and presentations from the aspects of language use is difficult. As fundamental research, we are attempting to evaluate the word difficulty from(More)
In order to implement storage and manipulation of multimedia information, especially full-motion videos, a new data model and a new language are required, because they should represent complex data of not only traditional data, characters and numerals, but also new media such as images, long texts, sounds and full motion videos. Data model B5 that is(More)
Many universities are now using Video On Demand (VOD) lectures, which utilize the Internet to conduct lectures. However, because current systems are yet to implement search functionality for VOD, users must search manually by selecting movies based on their titles, playing a portion of the movies, and searching for the contents they are seeking. This study(More)
There is a call for an increase to education quality in response to FD (Faculty Development) activities becoming mandatory due to a revision of the University Establishment Standards in 2008. A survey on lectures was carried out as part of FD activities and used for improving lectures based on lecture evaluation and satisfaction from students. However, it(More)
Many web services posting short comments such as product reviews and Twitter have been provided. We consider that automatic and accurate text classification may lead to develop new web services and system. In the past, the frequency of appearance of words by bag-of-words have been often used for text classification as a basic technique. In contrast, we(More)
For students from countries which do not use kanji, learning the Japanese language, particularly the memorization of kanji, is quite difficult. Moreover, it is believed that an inability to read kanji makes it difficult to comprehend lectures. Therefore, in an effort to improve the level of comprehension of the kanji used in lectures and the content of the(More)
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