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Acute oral toxicity (LD50-value) of organic chemicals to rats was analyzed by using solubility parameter (delta c), a thermodynamic parameter, of the chemicals. Certain parabolic correlations were(More)
Both male and female guinea pigs are widely used in tests to detect the skin-sensitizing potential of new chemicals. The aim of the present study was to investigate the influence of the animal gender(More)
The toxicokinetics/toxicodynamics (TKTD) model simulates the toxicokinetics of a chemical based on physiological data such as blood flow, tissue partition coefficients and metabolism. In this study,(More)
The sensitivities of three skin sensitization tests such as the Guinea pig maximization test (GPMT), Adjuvant and patch test (APT) and Buehler test (BT), were quantitatively compared with reference(More)