Fumio Hasegawa

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We recently established a mouse model of peritoneal dissemination of human gastric carcinoma, including the formation of ascites, by orthotopic transplantation of cultured gastric carcinoma cells. To clarify the processes of expansion of the tumors in this model, nude mice were sacrificed and autopsied at different points of time after the orthotopic(More)
The hyper-modular printer control project at PARC has proven that a tightly integrated model-based planning and control framework can effectively control a complex physical system. Recently, we have successfully applied this framework to another application: planning for the Material Control System (MCS) of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) manufacturing plant(More)
Si/-FeSi 2 particles/Si(001) and Si/-FeSi 2 film/Si(111) structures were grown by reactive deposition epitaxy (RDE) and by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), and time-resolved photoluminescence (PL) was measured from 8 K to 150 K. Both samples exhibited the same PL peak wavelength of 1.54 mm at low temperatures, but the PL decay time of 1.54 mm emission was(More)
Hydrocarbons are easily extracted by organic solvents such as n-decane from wet samples of Botryococcus braunii by thermal pretreatment at 90 °C even after being cooled to room temperature. However, hydrocarbon recoveries are not as readily achieved at room temperature from samples pretreated at temperatures lower than 80 °C. This suggests that there is the(More)
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