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Effective robot functions emerge from not only according to the level of system control i.e. intelligence but also according to conformity between morphology, intelligence, task and environment. This paper investigates the relationship between robotic morphology and intelligence against task andlor environmental conditions and the characteristics of(More)
For the human-robot communicative interaction, it is difficult to design robots behavior which is preferable to human. In this paper, therefore, we propose an approach to personality characterization of the face robot generated by reinforcement learning with human instruction, and investigate its characteristics from some real human-robot interaction. We(More)
This paper describes the stability of a flexible robotic arm when its mathematical model contains parameter uncertainies. We employ the Am control method which includes the LQ optimal control, and is robust. To estimate the stability domain of a closed-loop system, we must find the rate at which the system matrix A and the control matrix B change when a(More)