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—In motion Kinematics, it is well-known that the time derivative of a 3 × 3 rotation matrix equals a skew-symmetric matrix multiplied by the rotation matrix where the skew symmetric matrix is a linear (matrix-valued) function of the angular velocity and the rotation matrix represents the rotating motion of a frame with respect to a reference frame. The(More)
A type of edge detector based on the concept of gray-scale morphology is proposed. Edge detection can be divided into two phases; the first is noise removal, and the second is ideal edge detection. By using an iterative averaged closing-opening operation, impulse noise as well as Gaussian noise is eliminated from the image. Then, the resulting ideal edges(More)
Concerning the following PhD thesis, recently done by Hiroki Sunahata, I would suggest to its perspicacious readers to look carefully at the Appendix C of Ref. [7], " Contribution to inertial mass by reaction of the vacuum to accelerated motion " by there, for the integrations of the stochastic averagings in that Appendix, applies, mu-tatis mutandis, to the(More)
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