Fumio Ando

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A series of aromatic diacyl tellurides were prepared in moderate to good yields by the reactions of sodium orpotassium arenecarbotelluroates with acyl chlorides in acetonitrile. X-ray structure analyses and theoretical calculations of 2-methoxybenzoic anhydride and bis(2-methoxybenzoyl) sulfide, selenide and telluride were carried out. The two(More)
A series of selenium and tellurium bis(carbodithioates and carbothioates) were synthesized. X-Ray structure analysis revealed that Se(SSCC(6)H(4)OMe-2)(2), Te(SSCC(6)H(4)OMe-2)(2) and Te(SSCC(6)H(4)Me-4)(2) have trapezoidal-planar configuration of ES(4) (E = Se, Te) and despite the larger atomic radii, the C=S···Te distances in Te(SSCC(6)H(4)OMe-2)(2) are(More)
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