Fuminori Akiba

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Bacteria causing mottled stripe disease in sugar cane, known asPseudomonas rubrisubalbicans, were shown to be able to fix molecular N2 and to grow on it. The root associated diazotroph known asHerbaspirillum seropedicae, after artificial inoculation caused mottled stripe disease symptoms on sorghum and Napier grass but not on sugar cane. Both bacteria could(More)
Marine sediments contain eukaryotic DNA deposited from overlying water columns. However, a large proportion of deposited eukaryotic DNA is aerobically biodegraded in shallow marine sediments. Cold seep sediments are often anaerobic near the sediment-water interface, so eukaryotic DNA in such sediments is expected to be preserved. We investigated deeply(More)
This paper proposes a new approach to investigation into the aesthetics. Specifically, it argues that it is possible to explain the aesthetic and its underlying dynamic relations with axiomatic structure (the octahedral axiom derived category) based on contemporary mathematics – namely, category theory – and through this argument suggests the possibility(More)
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