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Cyclopentenyl cytosine (CPE-C) is an investigational drug that is active against human solid tumor xenografts. The 5′-triphosphate of CPE-C inhibits CTP synthase, and depletes CTP and dCTP pools. We conducted a phase I clinical trial of CPE-C given as a 24-h continuous i. v. infusion every 3 weeks in 26 adults with solid tumors. The starting dose rate, 1(More)
The purpose of the present study was to prepare multivesicular liposomes (MVL) with a high drug loading capacity for intramuscular sustained release and to investigate their potential applicability towards tramadol, and to improve the stability of liposomes by coating PEG. The basic physiochemical properties of tramadol MVLs and PEG-coated MVLs were(More)
Daidzin, a soy-derived biologically active natural product, has been reported to inhibit mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase and suppress ethanol intake. This paper describes a method for the determination of daidzin in rat blood. After administration of daidzin, blood samples were periodically collected from awake, freely moving animals by a Culex(More)
The preclinical bioanalytical process with animal models begins with sampling biological fluids and tissue. The goal is to understand oral absorption kinetics, distribution, metabolism, excretion, blood brain barrier penetration, drug-drug interactions, and the influences on biomarkers, hematology, electrophysiology, cardiology, blood pressure and behavior.(More)
Incomplete Modeling of the Thromboembolectomy Technique To the Editor: Dr Brekenfeld and his team are to be congratulated on their excellent study comparing the efficacy of thromboembolectomy devices.1 This is an important scientific comparison to make and to continue making as other devices appear on the market. The use of the internal carotid (or(More)
acetylcholine (ACh) in prefrontal cortex (mPFC) plays an important role in some domains of cognitive function such as attention (1,2), and sensory gating (3). Therefore, measurement of ACh in a living animal is important for the development of novel drugs, as well as investigation of brain function. Microdialysis has proven to be a useful sampling technique(More)
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