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Higher engineering education assessment is an important part of the existing education system assessment, it plays an important role in the strengthening macroeconomic management of higher education, the engineering education reform and development as well as improving the quality of engineering education. Especially with the international trend of(More)
In deep coal mine, the thermal pollution is becoming more and more serious. It is harm for the workers physical and mental health; and at the same time it has a serious impact on the normal production. In this paper, the research situation of the thermal pollution in deep was described; a number of commonly cooling techniques and methods are analyzed;(More)
Medium excitation by jet shower propagation inside a quark-gluon plasma is studied within a linear Boltzmann transport and a multiphase transport model. Contrary to the naive expectation, it is the deflection of both the jet shower and the Mach-cone-like excitation in an expanding medium that is found to give rise to a double-peak azimuthal particle(More)
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