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ATEG_08451 in Aspergillus terreus, here named atrochrysone carboxylic acid synthase (ACAS), is a nonreducing, iterative type I polyketide synthase that contains no thioesterase domain. In vitro, reactions of ACAS with malonyl-CoA yielded a polyketide intermediate, probably attached to its acyl carrier protein (ACP). The addition of ATEG_08450, here named(More)
Convenient synthesis and chemical modification of the potent alpha-L-fucosidase inhibitor, 5a-carba-alpha-DL-fucopyranosylamine (1), are described. Among seven N-substituted and three cyclic isourea derivatives newly prepared, the N-octyl derivative was found to be the strongest inhibitor of alpha-L-fucosidase (bovine kidney) more potent (K(i)=0.016 microM)(More)
Since glycosidase and glycosyltransferase inhibitors, composed of carba-sugars, have recently attracted much attention, it is desirable to develop effective preparative routes for provision of new carba-sugar derivatives of potential biological interest. 1,2:3,6-Dianhydro-5a-carba-alpha-glucopyranose was here chosen for study of synthetic utility, and(More)
In addition to (+)-, (-)- and (+/-)-heliannuol E, growth-inhibitory activities of five synthetic chromans and four tetrahydrobenzo[b]oxepins were examined against oat and cress. All heliannuol E isomers exhibited similar biological activities against cress, whereas when tested against oat roots, the unnatural optical isomer (+) showed no inhibitory(More)
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