Fumiko Yamaguchi

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Most natural Hamiltonians do not couple specific pairs of quantum bits and spurious couplings occur along with the intended one. We present an efficient scheme that couples any designated pair of spins in heteronuclear spin systems. The scheme is based on the existence of Hadamard matrices. For a system of n spins with pairwise coupling, the scheme(More)
Although desmocollins (Dscs) and desmogleins (Dsgs) are known to be bound to each other to form desmosomes, neither their interactions nor regulations that occur in human keratinocytes grown in low and high Ca2+medium has been determined. In this study, we investigated whether Dsc3 interacts with Dsg3 in a cell line of human squamous cell carcinoma(More)
We investigated the effect of the alkyl-chain length of anionic surfactants on the skin using an in vitro model. The evaluated anionic surfactants were sodium alkyl sulfate (AS) and sodium fatty acid methyl ester sulfonate (MES), which had different alkyl-chain lengths (C8-C14). Skin tissue damage and permeability were examined using a reconstructed human(More)
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