Fumiko Shimoda

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An in vitro phagocytosis assay of adherent cells of 12 palatine tonsils (7 children's and 5 adults' cases with persistent angina) was performed by use of flow cytometry (FCM), using fluorescent latex particles (FLP). The mean value of the percentages of phagocytic cells in the children's group (81.4%) was higher than that in the adults' group (64.0%). In(More)
Biomarkers in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) are currently regarded as indispensable indicators for accurate differential diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders. Although high levels of astrocyte-secreted glial fibrillar acidic protein (GFAP) in the CSF of patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) have been reported, the levels of GFAP in the CSF have not(More)
The Hamilton-Wentworth regional health department was asked by one of its municipalities to determine whether the present water supply and sewage disposal methods used in a community without piped water and regional sewage disposal posed a threat to the health of its residents. Three approaches were used: assessments by public health inspectors of all(More)
Numerous investigators (l-5) have reported contradictory results relating the effect of ingested fat to cholesterol synthesis and deposition. The liver is now generally recognized to be an important organ in lipide metabolism, although over-all abnormalities in cholesterol metabolism may also be indicated by changes of cholesterol concentration in the(More)
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