Fumiko Kumagai

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The mode of cytokinesis, especially in determining the site of cell division, is not well understood in higher-plant cells. The division site appears to be predicted by the preprophase band of microtubules that develop with the phragmosome, an intracellular structure of the cytoplasm suspending the nucleus and the mitotic apparatus in the center. As the(More)
 Cultured suspension cells of Arabidopsis thaliana that stably express a green-fluorescent protein–α-tubulin 6 fusion protein were used to follow the development and disintegration of phragmoplasts. The development and disintegration of phragmoplasts in the living cultured cells could be successively observed by detecting the green-fluorescent protein(More)
The sites of microtubule (MT) reorganization were examined in synchronized tobacco BY-2 cells. The MTs of these cells were completely destroyed by a combined cold and drug treatment at 0 °C with 100 μM propyzamide for 3 h. After the cells were washed and cultured at 30 °C, the reorganization of MTs was observed in detail. Sites for MT reorganization at each(More)
Lipin-1 has dual functions in the regulation of lipid and energy metabolism according to its subcellular localization, which is tightly controlled. However, it is unclear how Lipin-1 degradation is regulated. Here, we demonstrate that Lipin-1 is degraded through its DSGXXS motif. We show that Lipin-1 interacts with either of two E3 ubiquitin ligases, BTRC(More)
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