Fumiko Kobayashi

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The EIIM model for ER allows for creation and maintenance of persistent entity identity structures. It accomplishes this through a collection of batch configurations that allow updates and asserted fixes to be made to the Identity knowledgebase (IKB). The model also provides a batch IR configuration that provides no maintenance activity but instead allows(More)
This article discusses the topics, approaches, and lessons learned in teaching a graduate-level course covering entity resolution (ER) and its relationship to information quality (IQ). The course surveys a broad spectrum of ER topics and activities including entity reference extraction, entity reference preparation, entity reference resolution techniques,(More)
Entity Identity Information Management (EIIM) systems provide the information technology support for Master Data Management (MDM) systems. One of the most important configurations of an EIIM system is identity resolution. In an identity resolution configuration, the EIIM system accepts a batch of entity references and returns the corresponding entity(More)
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