Fumiko Hashimoto

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The use of anaerobic threshold in assessment of aerobic capacity was evaluated in 34 normal subjects and 47 patients with various kinds of chronic heart disease. Anaerobic threshold was determined as the oxygen consumption (VO2) at which a linear relationship between pulmonary ventilation (VE) and VO2 was lost during progressive treadmill exercise.(More)
Patients with Parkinson's disease develop gait disturbances. Although the use of walkers is very effective for maintaining locomotive ability, patients who have symptoms such as frozen gait (FG) and festinating gait may fall even with a walker equipped with a brake as they cannot use the brake well in an emergency and fail to follow the accelerating walker.(More)
In this study, we analyzed the electrical activity patterns of the antagonistic bi-articular and mono-articular muscles of both legs during normal gait cycles, in terms of electromyographic (EMG) kinesiology and control engineering. For control engineering analyses, we utilized a mechanical two-joint link model equipped with antagonistic pairs of(More)
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