Fumiko Gotoh

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  • Fumiko Gotoh
  • International journal of psychology : Journal…
  • 2008
Recent research has revealed widespread effects of emotion on cognitive function and memory. However, the influence of affective valence on working or short-term memory remains largely unexplored. In two experiments, the present study examined the predictions that negative words would capture attention, that attention would be difficult to disengage from(More)
We investigated the influence of emotional stimuli on enumeration. On each trial a set of 1 to 10 affectively positive, negative or neutral words were presented for 200 ms each. Participants counted the words after each trial. Error was greater and response times were longer for negative and positive words than for neutral words. Most importantly, this(More)
Previous studies have shown that negatively valenced information impaired working memory performance due to an attention-capturing effect. The present study examined whether negative valence could also facilitate working memory. Affective words (negative, neutral, positive) were used as retro-cues in a working memory task that required participants to(More)
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