Fumiko Dekio

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OBJECTIVES To estimate rates of cadmium (Cd) uptake from the digestive tract and changes in Cd in biological specimens after intake of Cd mainly in rice. METHODS Twenty-five young non-smoking Japanese female volunteers (20-23 in age) were recruited and a 20-d experimental study was conducted. With polished rice containing 0.004 ppm and 0.340 ppm of Cd,(More)
Japanese national sentiment has been described as paternalistic, which has potentially wide-ranging implications for the manner in which psychiatric patients should participate in medical decision-making. To examine the extent and possible determinants of the desire to participate in medical decision-making among Japanese people, we distributed a packet of(More)
HCV infection is the leading cause of liver transplantation in the adult population in the United States. HCV infection occurs in 0.2-0.4% of the pediatric population and progression to HCC is uncommon. Liver transplantation for HCV in children is rare. In this report, we present a case of pediatric patient with HCV and multifocal HCC at the age of 13 who(More)
OBJECTIVES We investigated the performance and the clinical impact of histologic examination of infected tissue in patients with suspected invasive fungal infection (IFI) at a tertiary pediatric center. METHODS Unique episodes of IFI were identified from January 1, 2001, through December 31, 2012. Surgical pathology reports, fungal culture results, and(More)
A 25 4/7 week boy was born with a prenatal diagnosis of polyhydramnios and enlarged left kidney. Over the next 2 months serial ultrasounds demonstrated abnormal growth of the kidney, with 28.9% split function. At gestational age 39 4/7, he underwent a left radical nephrectomy. Pathology revealed congenital mesoblastic nephroma with mixed classic and(More)
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