Fumiki Onoma

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We present the first coordinated observations of quasi-periodic (QP) radar echoes from sporadic-E (E s) field-aligned irregularities (FAIs), OI 557.7-nm airglow, and neutral winds in a common volume over Shigaraki, Japan (34.9 • N, 136.1 • E) on the night of 5 August 2002 during the SEEK-2 campaign. QP echo altitudes of 90–110 km were lower than usual by 10(More)
We report simultaneous observations of atmospheric gravity waves (AGW) in OI (557.7 nm) and OH air-glow images and VHF radar backscatter from field-aligned irregularities (FAI) in the E-region during the SEEK-2 (Sporadic-E Experiment over Kyushu 2) campaign period from 29 July to 9 August 2002. An all-sky imager was operated at Nishino-Omote (30.5 • N,(More)
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