Fumikazu Masuda

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A previously well 19 month old boy presented with four days of irritability and fever and two days of vomiting. On hospital admission he was still feverish, but no focus of infection could be found; in particular he had no abdominal or loin tenderness. Mild hypospadias was also noted. A white cell count was grossly raised at 41-7 x 109/l (86% neutrophils).(More)
We performed partial nephrectomy in 5 patients with renal tumors. In 1 patient with synchronous bilateral renal cell carcinoma, radical nephrectomy was conducted simultaneously for the contralateral kidney. The second patient had a transitional cell carcinoma of the renal pelvis of the contralateral side, for which the pelvis was resected simultaneously. In(More)
Intimate anatomical relationship of the pancreas to the left kidney may lead to pancreatic cutaneous fistula as a complication of left nephrectomy. We report 2 cases of pancreatic cutaneous fistulas that developed as a result of surgical trauma to the pancreas during left nephrectomy. The diagnosis was confirmed when amylase in the drainage was increased.(More)
UFT (3 capsules; 300mg FT) was administered to five of 10 patients with renal cell carcinoma, and concentrations of FT, 5-FU and uracil in the serum and tissues (normal renal tissues, renal tumor tissues and liver) were determined 5.2 hours on average, after administration. The levels were also compared with these in the five patients administered 300 mg of(More)
A 64-year-old woman received nephrectomy and lymph expurgation surgery for renal cell carcinoma on Jury 1, 1981. The pathologic diagnosis was adenocarcinoma of the clear cell type at Robson's stage 2. She next visited the Department of Gastroenterology complaining of stomach discomfort on November 5, 1981. Stomach cancer of Borrmann's type IV was identified(More)
Using human renal cell carcinoma heterotransplanted in nude mice (JRC 11: anaplastic and alveolar pattern, grade IV), the in vivo anti-tumour efficacy of tumour necrosis factor (rHu-TNF-alpha: PT-050) and IFN-alpha (nHu-IFN-alpha: HLBI), IFN-gamma (nHu-IFN-gamma: OH-6000) were investigated. The dose of TNF was 1,000, 3,000, 10,000 J.R.U. (i.p., every day),(More)
The effectiveness of a single 300-mg dose of tosufloxacin and of 3-day treatment with tosufloxacin (300 mg daily) were compared in a prospective trial in order to clarify the cost-effectiveness of tosufloxacin for acute uncomplicated cystitis. Fifty female patients (25 patients of each group) with acute uncomplicated cystitis received one of these treatment(More)