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Collagen and elastin in the arterial wall are thought to show some age-dependent changes, and to relate with development of the arteriosclerotic lesion. Both aortas and the pulmonary trunks were collected from 137 autopsy cases. Biochemical determination of collagen and elastin content was carried out. Collagen and elastin of the aorta and the pulmonary(More)
To study the inflammatory responses of small-airway epithelium in smokers, we harvested enough living epithelial cells (1.97 x 10(6) +/- 0.74 x 10(6)) with a new ultrathin fiberscope from the very peripheral airways of 22 current smokers and 17 subjects who never smoked after informed consent was obtained. The cells were keratin positive and composed mainly(More)
Tobacco smoke is believed to cause small airway disease and then chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but the molecular mechanisms by which small airway obstruction occurs remain unknown. To study the gene expression levels of transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta1, a potent fibrogenic factor, in small airway epithelium from smokers and patients(More)
We studied the standard values and normal limits for arterial blood gases in healthy elderly Japanese subjects. The criteria for inclusion were; 1) older than 60 years and able to walk independently, 2) non-smoker, 3) no respiratory symptoms, 4) no thoracic deformity, 5) no clinical signs of chest disease, 6) no abnormal findings in chest X ray, and 7) no(More)
BACKGROUND The patient population receiving long-term oxygen therapy has increased with the rising morbidity of COPD. Although high-dose oxygen induces pulmonary edema and interstitial fibrosis, potential lung injury caused by long-term exposure to low-dose oxygen has not been fully analyzed. This study was designed to clarify the effects of long-term(More)
We investigated the association between the angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) gene insertion (I)/deletion (D) polymorphism and endurance running performance in Japanese elite runners, including several Olympic athletes. The frequency of the I/I genotype was not significantly higher and the frequency of the D/D genotype was not significantly lower in(More)
We developed a new type of bronchoscope (BF-2.7T) and cytology brush (BC-0.7T) that permit collection of pulmonary cells during direct observation of the small airways. This kind of cell collection has been previously impossible. With our cytology brush, 3.58 +/- 2.76 x 10(4) cells were collected from small airways. The rate of living cells was 33.13 +/-(More)
Peripheral airways of 2 mm or less in diameter were observed in 142 patients by means of an ultrathin bronchofiberscope measuring 1.8 mm in outside diameter. On the basis of the observed and photographed endoscopic findings, an endoscopic classification of peripheral airway lesions was proposed. The endoscopic findings showed changes in the bronchial wall(More)
Atypical mycobacterial infection is seldom accompanied by pleural involvement. We report a very rare case of Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare pleuritis with massive pleural effusion. The patient was a non-immunocompromised 35-year-old Japanese male with insidious onset of fever, chest pain and anorexia. The pleural effusion gradually resolved with(More)