Fumihiro Shinobu

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We report a silicon DQPSK receiver whose symbol rate can be varied by a tunable one-bit delay line including an all-pass micro-ring slow-light device. It also consists of Si-wire waveguides with spot-size converters, optimized splitters/couplers, heater-controlled Mach-Zehnder attenuators and phase shifters, 90° hybrid with a low-loss crossing and balanced(More)
We experimentally demonstrate a tunable slow-light device consisting of all-pass Si microrings. A compact device of 0.014 mm2 footprint is fabricated by using CMOS-compatible process, and its center wavelength, bandwidth and delay are continuously tuned by integrated heaters. The tuning range is 300 ps at fixed wavelengths with a 1 nm bandwidth. Eye opening(More)
We demonstrate a silicon DQPSK receiver, that is symbol-rate variable, fabricated by using CMOS-compatible process. It consists of Si-wire waveguides, splitters/couplers, heater-controlled Mach-Zehnder attenuators, phase shifters, 90° hybrid including low-loss crossing and balanced Ge photodetectors. In addition, micro-ring-based slow-light device is(More)
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