Fumihiro Nishimura

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Prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) is an effective treatment for peripheral vascular diseases. The encapsulation of PGE1 in nanoparticles for its sustained-release would improve its therapeutic effect and quality of life (QOL) of patients. In order to encapsulate PGE1 in nanoparticles prepared with a poly(lactide) homopolymer (PLA) and monomethoxy(More)
With the performance improvement of computers in recent years, the amount of stored available data is rapidly increasing. But it is also required that the computer fully utilize the stored resources and perform higher-level intelligent jobs. In civil engineering, it is crucial to reuse knowledge which has been accumulated through the experience of(More)
Reductive heat-treatment and leaching process were applied to a simulated lead or bismuth soda-potash-borosilicate glass with palladium, cesium, and selenium to separate these elements. In the reductive heat treatment, palladium is extracted in liquid heavy metal phase generated by the reduction of the heavy metal oxides, whereas cesium and selenium are(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to establish the population protein binding parameters of valproic acid (VPA) in patients with epilepsy receiving VPA monotherapy and those receiving VPA combined with other antiepileptic drugs. METHODS One hundred and thirty nine data sets from 63 Japanese patients with epilepsy were analysed. These patients were(More)
The reduction melting process is useful to recover toxic lead from cathode ray tube funnel glass; however, this process generates SiO2-containing residues that are disposed in landfill sites. To reduce the volume of landfill waste, it is desirable to recycle the SiO2-containing residues. In this study, SiO2 powder was recovered from the residue generated by(More)
A phase-separation technique for removing sodium from glass using a heat-treatment method under a reducing atmosphere was previously developed for sodium recovery from waste glass. In this study, this technique was applied to cesium-containing lead borosilicate glass to concentrate the cesium in phase-separated sodium-rich materials for efficient cesium(More)
Pantethine and fursultiamine have been evaluated for their clinical usefulness in the treatment and prevention of uncomplicated postoperative adhesive intestinal obstruction. In recent years, the actions of drugs used to treat gastrointestinal diseases have been elucidated pharmacologically from the viewpoints of gastrointestinal peptide levels. We examined(More)