Fumihiro Nagashima

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A drimane, (+)-drimenol (1), five known herbertanes, (−)-α-herbertenol (2), (−)-herbertenediol (3), mastigophorene A (4), (−)-mastigophorene C (5) and (−)-mastigophorene D (6), a pimarane, (−)-e nt-pimara-8(14),15-dien-19-oic acid (7), and two eudesmanolides, (−)-diplophyllolide A (8) and (−)-diplophyllin (9) were isolated from the Tahitian Mastigophora(More)
We previously reported that ent-11alpha-hydroxy-16-kauren-15-one (KD) induces apoptosis through a caspase-dependent pathway and the induction of apoptosis is dependent on its enone group in human leukemia cells. Here we investigated the abilities of some KD-related compounds with enone group (Fig. 1) to induce apoptosis and to activate some caspases. The(More)
The title compounds have been synthesized starting from l-menthone by application of a ring-closing metathesis reaction to confirm their reported absolute and relative stereochemistry. Comparisons of the NMR spectra and specific rotations are also discussed.
The bryophytes contain the Marchantiophyta (liverworts), Bryophyta (mosses) and Anthocerotophyta (hornworts). Of these, the Marchantiophyta have a cellular oil body which produce a number of mono-, sesqui- and di-terpenoids, aromatic compounds like bibenzyl, bis-bibenzyls and acetogenins. Most sesqui- and di-terpenoids obtained from liverworts are(More)
Three ent-verticillane diterpenoids and two ent-sesquiterpenoids were isolated from the Japanese liverwort Jackiella javanica Schiffn. together with five known ent-verticillane and three ent-kaurane diterpenoids, and three sesquiterpenoids. Five ent-verticillane epoxides were synthetically prepared from ent-verticillols action to clarify the absolute(More)
Some diterpenoids show various biological activities, including anti-inflammatory, anti-HIV and anti-tumor activity. Previously, we have focused our research on the apoptosis-inducing properties of diterpenoids and found that some ent-kaurene-type diterpenoids induced apoptosis in human leukemia HL-60 cells. In this study, we have investigated the induction(More)
Five new ent-kaurane-type diterpenoids and a new gymnomitrane (=barbatane)-type sesquiterpenoid have been isolated from the Japanese liverwort Jungermannia truncata NEES, together with twelve previously known ent-kaurane-type diterpenoids. The structures of the new compounds were elucidated by two-dimensional (2D) NMR experiments and chemical reaction. Some(More)
Defects in apoptosis signaling pathways contribute to tumorigenesis and drug resistance, and these defects are often a cause of failure of chemotherapy. Thus, a major goal in chemotherapy is to find cytotoxic agents that restore the ability of tumor cells to undergo apoptosis. We previously found that an Ent-kaurene diterpene,(More)
Chemical investigations of aerial parts of Tephrosia purpurea yielded the rare prenylated flavonoids, tephropurpulin A (1) and isoglabratephrin (2), in addition to a previously identified flavonoid, glabratephrin (3). Structures were established by 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy, as well as by HR-MS analysis; for compounds 2 and 3, structures were confirmed by(More)