Fumihiro Maruyama

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This paper describes the total support system for DDL which has been approved by design engineers at Fujitsu. A simulator is used not only at register transfer level but also with gate level description. The translator generates gate level designs which are then optimized by designers. The verifier has powerful functions to detect conflicts in specification(More)
Most existing hardware design verification techniques (logic simulation, symbolic simulation etc.), as well as the design phase, are rather synthetic. This paper discusses an analytic verification technique with examples of its application. This technique employs backward symbolic simuation, or causality tracing, which is carried out from the negation of a(More)
We are applying ACL (Agent Communication Language) agent technologies to practical domains, such as virtual marketplace for distribution industry, access to online databases, and travel planning. In these domains, ontologies to make accesses to disparate databases possible are quintessential, and we are developing one. In this paper, we will describe design(More)
We are making researches into seamless integration of information distributed over networks under the SAGE (Smart AGent Environment) project. In the SAGE, conversational agents speak in ACL (Agent Communication Language) and cooperate in solving problems focused on retrieval and integration of heterogeneous information. The SAGE consists of user agents(More)