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The social perception of headache, everywhere at low levels in industrialised countries, becomes totally absent in developing ones. Headache disorders came into the World Health Organization's strategic priorities after publication of the 2001 World Health Report. Among the leading causes of disability, migraine was ranked 19th for adults of both sexes(More)
Paper medical diaries have effectively been used in chronic diseases for self-management without information and communication technology for many cases. To facilitate self-control in chronic diseases, and observe one's own condition objectively and continuously, we developed a cellphone-based medical recorder (MedData) for patients with chronic diseases.(More)
While interest in headache research started early in Japan, headache cares did not develop until recently. Patients with migraine did not visit doctors for headache, and physicians were unaware of the prevalence and disability of migraine in Japan for a long time. Studies in Japan on migraine epidemiology revealed that the prevalence of migraine was 8.4% of(More)
Triptan therapy results in good relief of headache in 68% of the patients. For many of the patients with migraine, triptan provides complete pain relief in some attacks but not in others. A recent theory proposes that allodynia (pain sensitization) develops in the brain during migraine to increase the intensity of headache significantly. The presence of(More)
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