Fumihiko Asano

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The role of spectral cues in the sound source to ear transfer function in median plane sound localization is investigated in this paper. At first, transfer functions were measured and analyzed. Then, these transfer functions were used in experiments where sounds from a source on the median plane were simulated and presented to subjects through headphones.(More)
SUMMARY Restoration of mechanical energy dissipating on impact at the ground is necessary for sustainable gait generation. Para-metric excitation is one approach to restore the mechanical energy. Asano et al. (" Parametric excitation mechanisms for dynamic bipedal walking, " IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (2005) pp. 611–617.)(More)
— This paper investigates the effect of semicircular feet on dynamic bipedal walking. It has been clarified in [3] that underactuated virtual passive dynamic walking can be realized by using the rolling effect, which acts as the ankle-joint torque virtually. It has been also shown that, throughout parameter studies, the rolling effect dramatically increases(More)