Fumihiko Anma

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Mobile and ubiquitous computing devices are transforming the way that learners study. But most of learning contents, designed for desktop platforms, are not suitable for handheld devices. Also, some materials, irrelevant to learner’s preferences or contextual environment, may affect the learning efficiency, and also increase the communication costs. In(More)
In general, content-based recommender systems use a keyword vector to locate recommendations. However, this method does not consider relations of each keyword and it is also inscrutable to users, who may have a hard time determining which words in their profiles are important and which may be skewing their results to irrelevant recommendations. In contrast,(More)
Nowadays, e-Learning has been used in many kinds of educational insititutes as a regular learning/teaching system. In the real practices, Educational knowledge management among the relevant organizations is quite important. This means “knowledge in universities circulated-systematic process” of finding, selecting, organising, distilling and presenting(More)