Fumiaki Yamada

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The necessity of psychophysiological research in ergonomics has gradually been recognized in Japan. In this paper, frontal midline theta rhythm (Fm-theta) and eyeblinking are recommended as tools in this field, especially for assessing workers' attention concentration, mental workload, fatigue, and interest during VDT work at the workplace and playing video(More)
We develop novel micro-bumping technology to realize small size, fine pitch and uniform height Cu/Sn bumps. Electroplated -evaporation bumping (EEB) technology, which is a combination of Cu electroplating and Sn evaporation, is developed to achieve uniform height of Cu/Sn bumps. We develop CMOS compatible dry etching processes for removing sputtered Cu/Ta(More)
Three experiments were conducted to examine eye-blink activity during the hypnotic state. The results were as follows: (1) eye-blink rate was dramatically reduced during the hypnotic as compared to the nonhypnotic state, (2) blink-rate variability between events (for example, the task and rest period) was smaller under the hypnotic than under the(More)