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Systems-level identification and analysis of cellular circuits in the brain will require the development of whole-brain imaging with single-cell resolution. To this end, we performed comprehensive chemical screening to develop a whole-brain clearing and imaging method, termed CUBIC (clear, unobstructed brain imaging cocktails and computational analysis).(More)
The application of virtual reality (VR) to the neurosurgical field has been increasing recently, however, the relation between the surgeon and the VR environment is rarely studied. We examined the trajectory of a surgical instrument during manipulation of a virtual object using a video-see-through microscope and a neurosurgical navigator (CANS Navigator) to(More)
The spatial perceptions of the phantom surgical field with the naked eye and under the surgical microscope were analyzed in a group of experienced and a group of inexperienced neurosurgeons. The phantom surgical field contained a start point, a virtual gate, and a target point. The virtual gate was an invisible zone arbitrarily set in the phantom surgical(More)
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