Fulvio Sacchi

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The cells of the mammalian immune system possess special migratory properties within their in vivo environment, a surveillance characteristic that is thought to be important in the protection of the organism from transformants and exogenous pathogens. Pertussis toxin (PT) has been shown to disrupt the intensity of this process by seriously affecting(More)
An apparently healthy boy was suffering from recurrent Aspergillus infections. No classical conditions of immunodeficiency were found. Studies on the patient's phagocytic system revealed neutrophils and monocytes to function normally except in Aspergillus killing (microbicidal activity for bacteria and Candida was normal). Aspergillus killing mechanisms may(More)
Complement-dependent serum bactericidal activity for E. coli K12 was assessed in 12 term infants and in 16 preterm infants. In both groups of newborns, at birth, bactericidal reaction by the classical pathway of complement activation was impaired with respect to normal controls at less than 0.001 level of significance (as estimated by Student's t-test). The(More)
Although a number of investigators have reported that neonatal PMNs have a profound defect in chemotaxis, almost nothing is known about the pathogenesis of this disorder. In the present study we have examined membrane depolarization and calcium requirements for chemotaxis in neonatal and adult PMNs. Suspension of adult PMNs in calcium deprived media(More)
Atopic sera were shown to be defective in serum bactericidal activity by a reaction dependent upon the integrity of the alternative pathway of complement activation. In normal human sera, the efficiency of such a reaction could be modulated by the addition of thermostable serum fractions with inhibitory and stimulatory activity, as demonstrated on two(More)