Fulvio Ratto

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The loss of organization of the corneal collagen lattice induced by photothermal effects was analyzed by using second-harmonic generation (SHG) imaging. Porcine cornea samples were treated with low-power laser irradiation in order to get localized areas of tissue disorganization. The disorder induced within the irradiated area of corneal stroma was(More)
When performing multiphoton fluorescence lifetime imaging in multiple spectral emission channels, an instrument response function must be acquired in each channel if accurate measurements of complex fluorescence decays are to be performed. Although this can be achieved using the reference reconvolution technique, it is difficult to identify suitable(More)
Chitosan is a linear chain polysaccharide comprising glucosamine and N -acetyl glucosamine residues joined together by β -1,4-glycosidic bonds. It is derived as an acids-soluble material by deacetylation of chitin, which is commonly found in the outer skeleton of crustaceans and in the cell walls of fungi. A variety of fundamental properties such as(More)
We report a study on the application of laser-activated nanoparticles in the direct welding of connective tissues, which may become a valuable technology in biomedicine. We use colloidal gold nanorods as new near-infrared chromophores to mediate functional photothermal effects in the eye lens capsules. Samples obtained ex vivo from porcine eyes are treated(More)
Results and perspectives on the biomedical exploitation of gold nanorods with plasmon resonances in the near infrared window are reported. The authors describe experimental studies of laser-activated nanoparticles in the direct welding of connective tissues, which may become a valuable technology in biomedicine. In particular, colloidal gold nanorods(More)
We report recent achievements and future perspectives of minimally invasive bonding of biological tissues triggered by laser light. In particular, we review new advancements in the biomedical exploitation of near-infrared absorbing gold nanoparticles as an original solution for the photothermal closure of surgical incisions. Advanced concepts of laser(More)
Photoacoustic imaging is an emerging technique. Although commercially available photoacoustic imaging systems currently exist, the technology is still in its infancy. Therefore, the design of stable phantoms is essential to achieve semiquantitative evaluation of the performance of a photoacoustic system and can help optimize the properties of contrast(More)
The heteroepitaxial growth of Ge on Au-patterned Si(001) is investigated using in situ spectromicroscopy. Patterning of a hydrogen-terminated Si surface with a square array of Au dots followed by brief exposure to air leads to the spontaneous, local oxidation of Si. The resulting oxide nanopattern limits the surface migration of Au during annealing up to(More)
Laser welding of ocular tissues is an alternative technique or adjunct to conventional suturing in ophthalmic surgery. It is based on the photothermal interaction of laser light with the main components of the extracellular matrix of connective tissues. The advantages of the welding procedure with respect to standard suturing and stapling are reduced(More)
We demonstrate experimentally the power of a novel analytical tool for X-ray spectromicroscopy. This provides a minimally intrusive elemental mapping of surfaces at the nanoscale and holds the promise of remarkable versatility. We have applied our procedure to the characterization of Ge(Si) islands on Si(111) substrates, with the aim of investigating the(More)