Fulvio Negro

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A clinical study was undertaken to evaluate the ability of the APACHE (acute physiology and chronic health care) II system to predict the development of multiple organ failure syndrome and subsequent mortality. The study was conducted in a university general surgery intensive care unit using the admission APACHE II score. Over a 1-year period, 92 patients(More)
The metabolic response to injury can induce a state of hypermetabolism that results in the rapid loss of the body nitrogen, so that a critical reduction in lean body mass that affects morbidity and mortality can occur in a short period of time. The process also induces a redistribution of the body nitrogen away from the skeletal mass and toward the viscera(More)
The way we watch television is changing with the introduction of attractive Web activities that move users away from TV to other media. The integration of the cultures of TV and Web is still an open issue. How can we make TV more open? How can we enable a possible collaboration of these two different worlds? TV-Web convergence is much more than placing a(More)
The integration of semantic technologies and television services is an important innovation in traditional broadcasting in order to improve services delivered to end users in an extended home environment: new methods emerge for getting TV content via the Web and interacting with TV content on end users devices. This paper gives a short description of a(More)
Oral administration of Indomethacin (3 mg/Kg) and Phenylbutazone (200 mg/Kg) induces an increase of TBA reacting substances (TBArs) by total liver homogenates, while treatment with Ibuprofen(200 mg/Kg, os) does not affect the susceptibility of liver tissue to lipid peroxidation. The former compounds do not influence the pro-oxidant action of CCl4 (1,0(More)
The content of hepatic cyclic AMP was increased soon after intoxication by white phosphorus. Its level reached a maximum 4 h after poisoning, but in subsequent phases tended to return to normal. In contrast, the cyclic GMP concentration was altered only 24 and 36 h after treatment with the same hepatotoxin. Similar modifications of cAMP and cGMP content(More)
The effect of low concentrations of 4-hydroxy-2-trans-pentenal, 4-hydroxy-2-trans-nonenal and 4-hydroxy-2-trans-tetradecenal (4-hydroxyalkenals produced during lipid peroxidation) was evaluated on the phagocytic activity of polymorphonuclear cells obtained from rat peritoneum. Our results show that the above compounds can influence, at different degrees,(More)