Fulvio Mulatero

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The paper presents an index of globalization covering its three main dimensions: economic integration, social integration, and political integration. Using panel data for 123 countries in 1970-2000 it is analyzed empirically whether the overall index of globalization as well as sub-indexes constructed to measure the single dimensions affect economic growth.(More)
In microbiology, successful automation means 'fast microbiology'. As Thierry Bernard, bioMérieux's Corporate Vice President of Commercial Operations, put it, 'Bugs mutate very quickly, so we have to innovate continuously to keep up with them … As we are faced with new pathogens, microbiologists must work side-by-side to find solutions.' Fast microbiology is(More)
This article analyses the effect of different forms of capital – financial, human and social – on entrepreneurship in Europe. We distinguish between formal and informal aspects of social capital. We use European and World Values Surveys Four-wave Integrated Data File focusing on the 27 European Union Member States. We found a significant effect of social(More)
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