Fulvio Frapolli

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— This paper describes a distributed algorithm to construct and maintain a peer-to-peer network overlay with bounded diameter. The proposed approach merges a bio-inspired self-organized behavior with a pure peer-to-peer approach , in order to adapt the overlay to underlying changes in the network topology. Ant colonies are used to collect and spread(More)
In this paper we describe BlåtAnt, a new algorithm to create overlay networks with small diameters. BlåtAnt is a fully distributed and adaptive algorithm inspired by Ant Colony Optimization (ACO), which targets dynamic and evolving networks without requiring a global knowledge. Simulation results show that our approach results in networks with a bounded(More)
The continuous evolution of information technology has significantly affected the way humans interact socially, characteristic examples being communication and entertainment. This trend has also influenced one of the oldest forms of entertainment promoting social interactions, that of playing board and card games in the traditional physical environment.(More)
Existing research on computer enhanced board games is mainly focused on user interaction issues and look-and-feel, but overlooks the flexibility of traditional board games when it comes to game rule handling. In this respect, we argue that successful game designs need to exploit the advantages of the digital world as well as retaining such flexibility. To(More)
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