Fulvia Ortolani

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Diurnal variations in tonic pain reactions have been described in mice tested in Spring, but the underlying mechanisms are still unknown. We tested the potential role of melatonin, a key hormone in the control of neuro-endocrine circadian rhythms. The experiments were performed in male CBA/J mice housed under controlled temperature, humidity, and light(More)
BACKGROUND Nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates are the elected drugs for the treatment of diseases in which excessive bone resorption occurs, for example, osteoporosis and cancer-induced bone diseases. The only known target of nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates is farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase, which ensures prenylation of prosurvival proteins, such as(More)
The imbalance between proliferative and differentiative estrogenic effect, caused by quantitative and qualitative alteration of the estrogen receptor (ER) expression, may play a determinant role in mammary neoplastic transformation. Our studies demonstrate that ER levels are significantly higher in human mammary neoplastic tissues when compared to(More)
Tissue-engineered heart valves are proposed as novel viable replacements granting longer durability and growth potential. However, they require extensive in vitro cell-conditioning in bioreactor before implantation. Here, the propensity of non-preconditioned decellularized heart valves to spontaneous in body self-regeneration was investigated in a large(More)
After total laryngectomy, the patients often report immediate and marked olfactory deficit. The aim of this study was to determine whether hyposmia in laryngectomees reflects olfactory epithelial damage. Ten laryngectomized patients and ten rhinologically normal subjects were subjected to olfactory testing, after which histological examination of biopsied(More)
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