Fulvia Arfelli

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A prototype of a combined CT–SPECT tomograph for breast cancer study has been developed and evaluated. It allows to perform scintimammography and X-ray CT in the same geometrical conditions. The CT system is based on a quasi-monochromatic beam tuned at 28 keV and an array of ultra fast ceramic scintillators coupled to photodiodes whilst the SPECT system is(More)
X-rays are commonly used as a means to image the inside of objects opaque to visible light, as their short wavelength allows penetration through matter and the formation of high spatial resolution images. This physical effect has found particular importance in medicine where x-ray based imaging is routinely used as a diagnostic tool. Increasingly, however,(More)
Acellular scaffolds obtained via decellularization are a key instrument in regenerative medicine both per se and to drive the development of future-generation synthetic scaffolds that could become available off-the-shelf. In this framework, imaging is key to the understanding of the scaffolds' internal structure as well as their interaction with cells and(More)
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