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Falling rule lists are classification models consisting of an ordered list of if-then rules, where (i) the order of rules determines which example should be classified by each rule, and (ii) the estimated probability of success decreases monotonically down the list. These kinds of rule lists are inspired by healthcare applications where patients would be(More)
The range of possible gene interactions in a multilocus model of a complex inherited disease is studied by exploring genotype-specific risks subject to the constraint that the allele frequencies and marginal risks are known. We quantify the effect of gene interactions by defining the interaction ratio, CR=KR/KRI, where KR is the recurrence risk to relatives(More)
A causal falling rule list (CFRL) is a sequence of ifthen rules that specifies heterogeneous treatment effects, where (i) the order of rules determines the treatment effect subgroup a subject belongs to, and (ii) the treatment effect decreases monotonically down the list. A given CFRL parameterizes a hierarchical bayesian regression model in which the(More)
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