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Unbalance and reactive power currents of electric railway will result in poor power quality of three-phase industrial power grid. A co-phase traction power supply system is introduced in this paper to solve these problems by adopting singlephase ac-dc-ac converter. The converter is connected between two secondary windings of traction transformer with(More)
This paper proposes a new semi-active variable stiffness and damping system (AVSD) for vibration control of civil engineering structures. The AVSD system can alter rigidity and damping of the controlled structure at each control interval to attenuate the structural responses. The composition of two hydraulic cylinder-piston systems of the AVSD system is(More)
The ability to recognize and quantify the chirality of alpha-amino acids constitutes the basis of many critical areas for specific targeting in drug development and metabolite probing. It is still challenging to conveniently distinguish the enantiomer of amino acids largely due to the lack of a universal and simple strategy. In this work, we report a(More)
A simple and rapid method for detection of potassium ion (K(+)) based on a guanine chemiluminescence (CL) system is presented. In this system, one guanine-rich DNA molecule is used as the recognition element. K(+) can cause the guanine-rich DNA to form a G-quadruplex conformation, resulting in remarkable quenching of the guanine CL intensity of guanine-rich(More)
Detection of ultralow concentration of specific DNA sequence is a central challenge in the early diagnosis of gene-related disease and biodefense application. Herein, we report a dual-amplification strategy for highly sensitive fluorescence detection of DNA. In this proposed strategy, a dumbbell-shaped DNA probe is designed to integrate target binding,(More)
This paper focuses on the optimal input design question of white noise drive signal for the simulated earthquake shaking table experimental system. The input sequence is white processed by doubly stochastic interchange optimized algorithm which has been improved in this paper, and the operating speed has obviously been expedited. Thus the white noise drive(More)