Fuliang Wang

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Epoxy dispensing is one of the most critical processes in microelectronic packaging. However, due its high viscoelasticity, dispensing of epoxy is extremely difficult, and a lower viscoelasticity epoxy is desired to improve the process. In this paper, a novel method is proposed to achieve a lowered viscoelastic epoxy by using ultrasound. The viscoelasticity(More)
Paper-based writing electronics has received a lot of interest recently due to its potential applications in flexible electronics. To obtain ultra-low resistivity paper-based writing electronics, we developed a kind of ink with high concentration of Ag Nano-particles (up to 80 wt%), as well as a related dispensing writing system consisting an air compressor(More)
The internal defects of cast-in-situ concrete structure which use Wood Wool Cement Board as permanent shuttering template can't be directly observed. In this article, practical techniques about identifying quality defects in the concrete using permanent shuttering template is given on the basis of experiments.
The present paper introduces the steel production and BOF slag processing techniques in Steelmaking Sector of Bayuquan Iron and Steel Subsidiary, Ansteel. The technology of slag tailings utilization has been developed under the consideration of the properties of slag tailing and the characteristics of slag forming in BOF steelmaking operation practice. The(More)
This work demonstrates the dynamic through-silicon-via (TSV) filling process through staged electrodeposition experiments at different current densities. Different morphologies corresponding to TSV filling results can be obtained by controlling the applied current density. Specifically, a low current density (4 mA/cm2) induces seam defect filling, a medium(More)
In the present study, physical model tests were conducted to investigate the effect of the geogrid reinforcement on the reduction of the differential settlement in widening of a highway embankment. A water bag filled with water and placed beneath an embankment was used to simulate the soft foundation of the widened portion of the embankment in the physical(More)
The TSFC (thermosonic flip chip) bonding was realized in a self-structured TSFC bonder. The atom inter-diffusion on Au-Ag bonding interface was characterized by TEM, and high-resolution TEM pictures reveales that the dislocation density in the bump increases after the acting of ultrasonic. And the interlaced dislocation slip lines were observed in the SEM(More)