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In-cylinder air flow is very important from the point of view of mixture formation and combustion. In this direction, intake chamber structure and piston crown shape play a very crucial role for in-cylinder air pattern of opposed-piston two-stroke (OP2S) engines. This study is concerned with the three-dimensional (3D) computational fluid dynamics (CFD)(More)
In opposed-piston folded-cranktrain diesel engines, the relative movement rules of opposed-pistons, combustion chamber components and injector position are different from those of conventional diesel engines. The combustion and heat release characteristics of an opposed-piston folded-cranktrain diesel engine under different operating conditions were(More)
Fault of diesel engine lubrication system will affect engine performance, and diesel engine operation parameters reflect the working state of the engine. In this paper, a data-driven fault diagnosis is proposed using engine real working data. Considering the randomness and instability of the oil pressure in the lubrication system, a fault diagnosis method(More)
Power pack of vehicle consists of many different kinds of subsystems, which are coupled with complex dynamic interactions. To obtain the goal of synthesis performance of vehicle, the different disciplinary simulation models should be integrated with other vehicle components in a complete vehicle simulation to implement system-level dynamic simulation of(More)
Digital library has begun to enter a new era of cloud computing after Internet era, Web era, Grid era and Web 2.0 era. Combined with cloud computing technology, this thesis constructed a cloud service platform of digital library and described the service process and operating mechanism of digital library cloud service platform.
In the context of 2012 SIEMENS cup national college student automation industry challenge match, a Yaw control system of wind generating set is designed in this paper. The designs of the software and hardware are described in detail. Based on the software provided by the match, the debugging of the self-starting control, yaw control are completed very well.(More)