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Fabrics play a significant role in many applications in design, prototyping, and entertainment. Recent fiber-based models capture the rich visual appearance of fabrics, but are too onerous to design and edit. Yarn-based procedural models are powerful and convenient, but too regular and not realistic enough in appearance. In this paper, we introduce an(More)
Photon mapping is a widely used technique for global illumination rendering. In the density estimation step of photon mapping, the indirect radiance at a shading point is estimated through a filtering process using nearby stored photons; an isotropic filtering kernel is usually used. However, using an isotropic kernel is not always the optimal choice,(More)
This document contains: links to two user studies (section 1), comparison against Wu et al. [6] (section 2), results with only semantic segmentation or photorealism regularization (section 3), merging classes for DilatedNet [1] Segmentation (section 4), a solution for handling noisy (section 5) or high-resolution (section 6) input, an extension for CNNMRF(More)
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