Fujio Tsuchiya

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A wavelength-tunable, three-section, distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) InGaAsP/InP laser diode is described. The refractive indices of the DBR section and the phase-control section are thermally controlled by thin-film heaters embedded on these passive sections. This structure enables wide-range wavelength tuning without the spectral linewidth broadening(More)
The formation constants (K(ML)) in water of 1:1 complexes of benzo-18-crown-6 (B18C6) and 18-crown-6 (18C6) with Zn(2+) and Cd(2+), the sizes of which are much smaller than the ligand cavities, were determined at 25 degrees C by conductometry. Compared with Cd(2+), the crown ethers form more stable complexes with Zn(2+) although the size of Zn(2+) is less(More)
[1] Jupiter’s sodium nebula showed an enhancement in late May through the beginning of June 2007. This means Io’s volcanic activity and the magnetosphere’s plasma content increased during this period. On the other hand, Jupiter’s radio emission called HOM became quiet after the sodium nebula enhancement. The HOM emission is considered to be related to the(More)
[1] The dynamical behavior of auroral kilometric radiation (AKR) is investigated in connection with auroral particle acceleration at substorm onsets using high-time-resolution wave spectrograms provided by Polar/PWI electric field observations. AKR develops explosively at altitudes above a preexisting low-altitude AKR source at substorm onsets. This ‘‘AKR(More)
This study describes the onset process of auroral substorms in connection with the vertical evolution of auroral particle acceleration, on the basis of auroral kilometric radiation (AKR) dynamics. We show that the auroral acceleration process at substorm onset basically consists of two stages: (1) appearance/intensification of a low-altitude acceleration(More)
During moderate magnetic storms, an electron channel (300–1100 keV) of the NOAA satellite has shown sudden electron flux enhancements in the inner radiation belt. After examinating the possibility of contamination by different energetic particles, we conclude that these electron flux enhancements are reliable enough to be considered as natural phenomena, at(More)
Geographical information system (GIS) was applied to quantitatively evaluate the influence of conversion from forest to pasture on the visual effect of the landscape by the viewpoint of landscape conservation. The visible area of the intermediate zone was larger than that of both the near and far zones and hence, the influence of the conversion was the(More)
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